If you are an author, or a small press publisher in Canada, and would like to have your books considered for review on this blog, please send an e-mail requesting the mailing address.  I will consider ARCS and prepublication galleys, as well as copies of the book; however, I will only publish reviews which meet the criteria of "Canadian Books Worth Reading" -- which is to say, books about which I feel appreciatively. This blog is about book promotion and developing a Canadian aesthetic.

The receipt of a book or manuscript does not guarantee a review. Although I focus on fiction -- both long and short -- books of poetry will be given to guest bloggers for review.  I do not, at this time, consider self-published books.

Books which are reviewed will be given away as prizes for random readers who comment on the review in question.  Any books received and not reviewed within six months will be donated to local libraries and literacy initiatives.

In addition to full-length reviews, I publish "Blurbs" about Canadian books published in the last decade which deserve a second glance.

For more about my philosophy on reviews, click here.


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